I was born in Brooklyn, N.Y. and grew up on Staten Island. I worked in news/talk radio for several years, spending time both on air and behind the scenes. After moving to Arizona I ran for U.S. Congress in 2006 where I was endorsed by the Progressive Democrats of America and Democracy for America. Running in a conservative area as a progressive wasn't easy and after a 15 month campaign in a district that covered about 60 percent of the state of Arizona I ended up with 10 percent of the vote in a five candidate race. This was with an extremely grassroots campaign that was rich in volunteers not money. 

I have lived in one of the biggest cities in the world (NYC) and one of the smallest (Arizona City). After Arizona I lived in Seattle for several years before moving to San Francisco. 

I have volunteered on several campaigns including John Kerry's Presidential campaign in 2004 and Bernie Sanders and Jill Stein's campaigns in 2016. 

I have watched San Francisco go from a city where everyone including artists can live and thrive to a city that is run by the wealthiest among us. Where friends are forced out of the city because they can't afford to live here anymore. Where families are forced onto the streets. Streets where people die. 

Like you, I'm sick and tired of it. Enough is enough. I want to make San Francisco a city where we can all live and thrive not just the wealthiest among us. 

This is why I'm running for mayor.  


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